How to Change WordPress Login Page URL

The WordPress login page is a very important page, because it is the only door to enter the Content Management System (CMS) to access the content on your website, so it should be hidden.

To change the URL of the WordPress login page, you can install the “WPS Hide Login” plugin on your WordPress. Look in your plugin menu, here's what the plugin looks like:

Install and activate the plugin, after the plugin installation process is complete and activated, then select the menu:

Settings -> General

Then drag the scroll down, then you will find a form to set the URL of the WordPress login page that comes from the “WPS Hide Login” plugin. See the following image:

In the form there are 2 fields that you must fill in, namely Login url and Redirection url. The Login url field is used to specify a new link or URL that you want to create to access your WordPress login page. While the Redirection url column serves to determine the redirect destination page when the default WordPress login pages such as the wp-admin and wp-login.php directories are accessed, usually this column is filled with the URL of your website's 404 (Not Found) page. Then after you have finished setting the URL of the login page, press the Save button or Save to save the changes.

Then do the test by accessing your WordPress login page with the link or URL that you have specified.

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