Who is Hmei7?


Hmei7 is a defacer figure that is still heard in our ears to this day. From several forums and articles, hmei7 is referred to as a master of defacer originating from Indonesia. There are those who think that Hmei7 is a student from one of the campuses in Yogyakarta and there are also those who think that Hmei7 is from Semarang, Indonesia.

On the deface archive site with the address http://zone-h.org/ the average he managed to hack was Joomla and the target site was overseas, it is undeniable that several Indonesian sites were also affected by the presence of Hmei7 on their web pages. Maybe if Hmei7 mirrors the entire site, it can exceed the 250 thousand sites that he has successfully defaced so far, starting from within the country or abroad.

In 2001 Hmei7 was already actively defacing and routinely archived the defacing results on the zone-h.org website. It is known that to this day Hmei7 managed to hack 294,494 websites which he did himself.

The existence of Hmei7 is a question mark where exactly is he? Even though he has hacked hundreds of thousands of sites and even well-known international sites. His skills are not only hacking, but the way he avoids leaking information about himself before it spreads on the Internet is very clever. Intellectual abilities possessed are really very difficult to trace their whereabouts because until now there has been no definite news about Hmei7.

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With a legendary and well-known name in the world, Hmei7 became the World's Top Defacer, which at that time became a big news for successfully hacking the Asus site in 2012 and other world-famous sites. The underground world does not reduce the professional value of Hmei7, so he is widely respected by others. 

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